FOLLY 2016
Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York


POLY-FUNCTIONAL-FOLLY explores the relationship between material, geometry and methods of aggregation for timber construction. The folly ‘functions’ as an investigation into the possibilities of the aggregation propositions of a single module of timber, to specify the spatial and tectonic condition of a constructed object.

The project focuses on how the manipulation of the stacking methodology transforms the quality and nature of the structure, to create multiplicity of readings and simultaneity of functions for the folly.



Locating itself over the entire front edge of the deck that defines the educational facilities, the proposal transforms from a thin wall facing the park entry, to a massive layered wall facing the shed; from folding walls that provide oblique views of the park, to orthogonal walls that offer more expansive panoramic views; from circulation to inhabitation; from a threshold to a desk; from a barrier to a filter; from surface to structure; from a wall to a facade.

OOAA_Folly_Worms Eye Axon_v8_628




Performing as structure, the timber aggregation supports a lightweight translucent roof that spans over the existing trailers and provides a column free covered space for the workshop areas. The floating roof provides Socrates Park the flexibility to purchase new trailers in the future without affecting the quality of the space.



 OOAA_Folly_Front_ Axon_628




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