Newark, NJ


The installation explores the relationship between material, geometry and methods of aggregation for masonry construction, as a way of specifying the spatial and tectonic condition of a constructed object.

Using a standard masonry module, the project focuses on how to manipulate the aggregation of that module to create a wall, whose form is disciplined by the unit of construction that constitutes it. The sculptural result of the wall is a consequence of its material and its aggregation proposition.

This installation based its aggregation strategy on four basic operations that transform the wall along its length as well as height, creating a field like condition that renders every moment distinctive, specific and different from the next.

Positioned as headers to give the wall thickness and depth, the brick units pair-up alternating courses to create a larger module, rotate to change orientation and slide to transform the depth and texture of the wall.

*This installation was built as part of the Masonry Design/Build Competition that takes place during the spring semester of the second year at the NJIT School of Architecture.


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